Thursday, 16 February 2017


 "a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson: We received an email this week from a Gramma of one his friends (a girl). She wanted to let us know that he was "lovely and had impeccable manners and that he was welcome in her home anytime". 

Lily: Happy and lighthearted having a 5 day weekend because of school closures due to weather. There is nothing she loves more than staying home all day long and we did a lot of that during our 5 days off. There was loads of lego, Netflix and art. See the Valentine she gave to her friends this year below. 

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Postcards from the Banff Springs Hotel and Banff

Banff is really, really great but even better is the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel! Neil had a Real Estate conference to attend and lucky me got to tag along. We stayed at the seriously AMAZING Fairmont where the conference was and WOW, what an unbelievable place!!! I was very sick when we first arrived. A terrible flu hit me a few days before we left and I was beyond miserable (stuffy nose, heavy head, exhausted and achy all over)on our flight there and on the two hour shuttle ride from the Calgary Airport to the hotel. However...once we arrived my spirits were immediately lifted especially once we got to our beautiful room with the most comfortable king sized bed and windows with views of the mountains like no other. What luxury!!! Neil changed and headed to his first meeting not long after we checked in and I got into bed and slept like a baby. I don't know who couldn't sleep well in this place. I woke up and showered and off we went to supper in town then back for another good rest in that bed. Did I mention the bed?! How I wish I could have packed it up in my suitcase and taken it home with me. Anyhoo, we had 4 glorious nights and 5 days in Banff and were grateful the whole time for our stay. 

Neil was very busy during the day so I really had to rough it. I'd sleep in til 9 or 10am!!!, shower then walk to town. The hotel is about a 15 minute walk away from town. This is not the most accurate timing as I stopped a lot to admire the view and take pictures. The mountains are stunning and we had the most perfect weather.  Banff itself if very touristy. Souvenir shops litter the main drag and yes I did get suckered. (I needed to get the kids something and also my parents something for watching the kids. :) ) Most days while in town, I would find lunch somewhere and then wander, checking out all the streets and shops. It was a dream really, very hard to take. I saw a couple movies and did a lot of looking around. I also spent a lot of time exploring the hotel. There's a lot of history and I was fortunate to take a tour with a very animated tour guide. He was so much fun, knew his stuff and told lots of ghost stories. I LOVED all the old pictures around. Imagine living in that time?! Such elegance! The place is full of great details - the public bathroom doors, the Tiffany lamp shades and fossils in the staircase among other things. It's gorgeous!

 Saturday I had a wonderful surprise visit from my oldest friend in the world Gwen. I have known her since grade 1 and stupidly didn't realize Banff was so close to where she lives right now. We texted and on Saturday she and her kids drove to meet me. We go a few years between visits so it was extra cool to get this unexpected meet up in. We had a lovely lunch then wandered around town to a park with several snow and ice sculptures.  After several hours and a long hug goodbye, maybe a tear or two, Gwen and her kids headed home and I headed back to the hotel. Neil had a big end of conference gala supper to go to so I had big plans with the bathtub and Netflix. More rough. :) Turns out he was able to snag me a ticket so I got back to the hotel and got ready and headed out for the night with him. It was a super way to end our time in Banff. The trip was fabulous and I'd go back anytime, especially if we are put up in the Fairmont again. Lucky and so very grateful! 

Sunday, 5 February 2017


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson: All dressed up in his Dad's shirt, pants, belt and shoes to head to a formal dance at our local private Catholic school. He was so excited but playing it cool while getting ready. He has only been to one dance at his own school but really couldn't wait to get to this one. I believe there may have been some girls involved to make him a little more keen to go. I cried. He's just getting so old!

Lily: The snow brings her loads of pleasure and unfortunately loads of anxiety also. Driving anywhere right now isn't very fun for her. Friday she chose to skip school (with my blessing) and have a snow day as the fear of getting to school and getting home was far too much for her to handle. Hopefully her troubles ease up. Her anxieties seemed to have calmed over the years but these last few days have been very stressful (although she sure knows how to have fun and play in the snow, thank goodness).  Fingers crossed things will get back to normal once the snow disappears.

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Monday, 30 January 2017


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson & Lily: I took these shots at the beach near our house last Monday before Neil and I went away for the remainder of the week. I hate going away without the kids but feel a little better knowing they have each other (and that my parents stay at our place with them while we are gone). I'm lucky as they rarely fight and although there is a two year age difference, they get along quite well and do love one another. They don't spend loads of their spare time together (Jackson isn't up for barbies or dolls these days) but they happily play sports or video games together here and there and it always brings big smiles. I know they have each others backs and I hope they will always be close. 

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson: School, hockey, iPhone, eat, sleep on repeat every single day. 

Lily: Once again loving her swimming lessons. Level 8 is a challenge and she has already tried it once. We shall see how she does this time around. Either way, I'm so glad she loves to swim. 

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson: Sporting another one of his Dad's old shirts. He's loving having some very different options to chose from that no one else has. Seems so crazy to me. He also fits his Dad's shoes so his choices are endless. 

Lily: Finally getting to the end of the latest The Land of Stories book An Author's Odyssey that she started in the summer. She quit reading it when she picked up Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I'm so glad she likes to escape in a book.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson & Lily: The icy temperatures here mean some of the local and not so local lakes have frozen over. This thrills the kids, particularly Jackson who has dreamed of skating and playing hockey outside since he was very small. He skated afterschool one day on a local lake and this weekend we traveled 10km up a logging road to find snow and another frozen lake. I'm so happy for my boy. He's hopeful this cold will continue so he can return and play some more. Fingers crossed. 

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